Monday, April 25, 2011

Juxtapoz Presents Procrastination with James Jean

I found this video on youtube today and figured I would share it with you. This is the sort of day I'm having.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Highly Caffeinated for Maximum Cleaning Capability

Woke up extra early this morning so I could clean before I had to go pick up my boyfriend. I've been watching his house for the past two weeks while he was on vacation. I had been up for almost two hours, but I've hardly accomplished anything. So, I decided to take a short break to go get some coffee. I went to the closest convenience store and bought the largest iced coffee they had to help me clean faster. I have projects I've been working on all over the living room, and still need to finish the dishes and make the bed. I've gotten distracted by cartoons, so now I'm watching Sonic the Hedgehog, the new one, Sonic X. I love Sonic the Hedgehog! I remember years ago, I used to get up at 6am on weekday mornings to watch the original Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, Sailormoon, and Mutant Leauge. My first game for Sega Gamegear was Sonic the Hedgehog. I never beat that game. I should find it and try to beat it, I know I must have it somewhere. I have played many other Sonic games since the first one. Sonic and Crazy Taxi were the only good games I had for Dreamcast. I've been messing around on Stumbleupon during commercials, and I found, it was interesting, but didn't have as much information on it as it could. It made me wonder how many zombie movies exist. I looked on wikipedia, and found a list of zombie movies, but was too lazy to count them. On the wikipedia page I found a link to ZMDB – Zombie Movie Database. They have 4474 movies listed. Thats a lot of movies. I'm going to try to find a list of the best ones, and watch all the ones I haven't seen. I might try to make it a weekly thing. Well, I should stop playing on here now, and try to get into cleaning mode.

Friday, April 22, 2011

New Adventures in The Soil

Gardening is my newest hobby. I love fresh fruits and vegetables, so I thought it would be fun to grow my own. I've started them all in my house inside plastic containers. The first group I planted a little more than a month ago, but some of them didn't come up, so I planted some more about two weeks ago. I've planted planted a bunch of different tomatoes, peppers, and squash. For the first group, I planted multiples of each plant variety. Only about half of them came up, which was very disappointing. Different soil for the second group, and it worked much better! In the second group I planted a few different tomatoes, (but not anywhere near the variety I have)jalapeƱos, and Hungarian paprika peppers. I think I'm going to plant some more next week.

Making Faces

I started on the blue one and was really getting very detailed with it, but didn't like.  Repainted the blue one, waiting for it to dry.  I decided to go more simple with the rest of them, I like how they came out.  I still have to decided what fabrics I'm going to use and put them all together.  Since I went more simple with the faces, I'm thinking maybe some print fabric.

Chocolate and Drying Paint

When searching for images of zombie bunnies, I stumbled across this Chocolate Zombie Bunny at Think Geek. Unfortunately they are all sold out. I bet I could make one. I have made chocolate Easter bunnies like that before with a candy mold. The details, like the eyes, blood, and ribs, would have to be added on, but I think it's possible. One of these days I should break out the candy making stuff, right now I'm too busy with other things.

Zombie Bunny Heads with 1st Coat of Paint
The first coat of paint on my Zombie Bunny Barrettes is finally dry. I finished sewing and painting them about seven hours ago, and went to sleep. They stuck a little to the cardboard they were drying on, so I had to clean them a bit and do some touch up. Next I'm going to paint the faces. Now the fun begins!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Zombie Bunnies!

Making Zombie Bunny Barrettes!  I'm tired of sewing, but I'm really excited to get these in my etsy shop.  I had hoped to get them done to sell before Easter, but that's not going to happen.  I had the idea for them a few weeks ago, but it's taken me awhile to gather supplies and motivation.  Designing the shape was also an issue.  I need to get better at making decisions in a timely manner.  Hopefully I will have them done soon.